Elf on the Shelf Day 19-24

More adventures from our favourite elf, Sprinkles. Sprinkles miscalculated his height on the pole vault. Mud crawl. Slingshot. Super dangerous, yet super exhilarating high wire camping. Swinging on tree vines. More swinging on vines. Final vine swing. Sprinkles ends his adventures this year with the greatest adrenaline rush of all, a super twisty roller coaster. … Continue reading Elf on the Shelf Day 19-24

Christmas Traditions

Does your family have any Christmas traditions? Do you have a favourite? Are there any that you would happily do away with if you could? For me, Christmas is filled with traditions, in fact, that is what makes the season so special. Personally, I wouldn't part with any of our traditions, to me, it just … Continue reading Christmas Traditions

Christmas Menu

Have you finalised your Christmas menu yet? Ours is done, to be honest, it is pretty much the same menu as every year, with the exception of breakfast, we decided to try something new this year, instead of having me slave over a stove for a full English! Breakfast For The Family Waffles with ice-cream … Continue reading Christmas Menu