100 Boy Names

I am fascinated by names and their origins, I always have been. Despite being unable to physically have more children, here is my list of Top 100 Boy Names that I love, not in any order. Wyatt. Octavius. Harry. Alistair. Joe. Nate. Alex. Oscar. Theo. Jake. Max. Ollie. Thomas. Atticus. Sam. Henry. Jasper. Winter. Achilles. … Continue reading 100 Boy Names

Local delicacy in the NT

Re-blogged via Local delicacy in Northern Territory — Leap of Life After visiting the MacDonnell Ranges, it was back into Alice Springs to stock up before heading north. We had some time to have a wonder around and were drown in by the music and crowd gathering in the park. Turns out it was NAIDOC … Continue reading Local delicacy in the NT


There is an abandoned gold mine just up the road from me, the most wonderful place to explore. It is a full day trip, with a picnic lunch. There are cottages and buildings to explore, including an old goal, as well as several mines that you can, if you are willing or brave enough to, … Continue reading Arltunga

Television Commercial

My son had the greatest fun this week, starring in, and then helping to edit, a television commercial to advertise the upcoming Phoney Film Festival in Alice Springs. Very exciting for my young man, who, if we were not so remote, would love to be an actor! If you are in Australia, keep an eye … Continue reading Television Commercial

Super Proud Mama

Proud mummy alert! I received this email this week, in regards to my 14 year old. Because Mr W is such a valuable part of the Youth Action Group, I am keen to tell everyone about it. He is impressively succeeding in contributing to the community as both a youth advocate and junior librarian. I … Continue reading Super Proud Mama

Capo Joy

My son received such a wonderful gift this Christmas season, from our local music store, Rock City Music. We had gone in to check out the prices of a capo, and got chatting to the owner, Darren, who is such a nice guy. Rock City Music happily fix a range of instrument related issues for … Continue reading Capo Joy

Bullet Journal Fun

I have been dabbling with bullet journals lately, I am determined to track all of my fitness habits in 2020, as well as things like the weather, my novel word count, gift ideas and moods. I am actually quite excited to get started, I think it will be an interesting exercise, and I am curious … Continue reading Bullet Journal Fun