Spring Has Sprung

My garden is absolutely flourishing at the moment, I even have a small oasis of green on my private balcony, which is lovely in the evenings.

Currently, I have strawberries, passionfruit, potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes, a lemon tree, a mandarin tree, two orange trees, a banana tree, and a mulberry tree growing in the back yard.

In the front yard is an apricot tree, lemon tree, potatoes, carnations, gazanias, mint, sunflowers, frangipani, lettuce, and an array of assorted flowers just starting to poke their little heads out of the pots.

It is a lovely time of year, watching everything come back to life again after winter, it gives me hope that perhaps even I might be able to renew flagging spirits, to prune away everything negative in my life, in order for new growth to occur.


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