the marriage deal

The Marriage Deal is now live on Amazon!

She’s the feisty wedding planner with a business to save. He’s the billionaire playboy avoiding commitment. When a twist of fate throws them together, sparks fly.

Too bad they hate each other…Don’t they?

Millie Parker knew she was in trouble. One month is all she has to save her business. She will do anything to keep it afloat, even if that means turning to her nemesis, her brother’s best friend, for help.

Desperate to avoid his mother’s holiday matchmaking attempts, billionaire playboy Samuel Marsden agrees to help Millie, on one condition: That she pretend to be his fiancé for two weeks.

As the lines between love and hate blur, Millie discovers that two weeks is not long enough with Sam, she wants forever.

If only she can convince him!

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