50 Things I Love About England

Just a list of 50 reasons, in no particular order, of why I need to get back to England as soon as is humanly possible!

  1. Wotsits. Seriously delicious, and no, nothing like Twisties.
  2. Black cabs. The drivers are so darn polite! And they never get lost, or take you the long way to earn extra money. They are, however, super accommodating. When I mentioned that I had yet to see a particular landmark, my driver offered to drive past, then he pulled off and explained various nuances to me before continuing on to my final destination.
  3. Primark. I could live there.
  4. London’s Double decker buses. They run constantly, and frequently, making it super easy to get around London, no matter the hour.
  5. The V + A Museum. We spent two days here and still did not see everything.
  6. The Queen. I think she is adorable!
  7. Hyde Park. My favourite park in the entire world, there is so much to do here, you can happily wile away hours here.
  8. The proximity of London to the countryside. Just jump on a train and you are there in a couple of hours.
  9. Harrods. Oh how I adore Harrod’s!
  10. They invented Cadbury Dairy Milk, Curly Wurlies, and Freddo Frogs.
  11. Stonehenge, just breathtaking.
  12. The accent.
  13. Bath, I loved all the quaint lanes and alleys.
  14. The Queens theatre. We saw Phantom of the Opera here. I won’t ruin it, in case you haven’t seen it, but we were in the upper balcony, and it was breathtaking.
  15. Sainsbury’s.
  16. The full English breakfast. In fact, this is what my son has requested for his birthday meal this year.
  17. It is like walking around any number of film sets.
  18. Stephen Fry!
  19. Scones with jam and cream, need I say more.
  20. The Tower of London, always a great way to spend a day out.
  21. It is a tea lovers paradise.
  22. I adore the British sense of humour.
  23. Traditional Sunday roasts, yummy!
  24. English people are super polite.
  25. Unexpectedly finding yourself walking along cobbled streets.
  26. It is the home of comfort food!
  27. The English invented antibiotics, TV, and the world wide web.
  28. Cornish pasties.
  29. Houses with thatched roofs.
  30. The stunning journey from Kings Cross to Edinburgh.
  31. Fish and chips.
  32. The rich history.
  33. The Great British Bake Off. Best show ever!
  34. High tea.
  35. Marmite.
  36. English TV rocks! Escape to the Country, Grand Designs, Golden Balls, there is so much choice!
  37. St Ives, a quintessential seaside town.
  38. Music. Beatles anyone?
  39. Dunking your biscuit in your tea.
  40. They have squirrels!
  41.  The proximity to Paris.
  42.  Kew Gardens, so much here to discover and enjoy.
  43. British men! They consider themselves lucky to bag a woman at all, with or without fingernails. Lazy, self-deprecating and shambolic to the point of physical collapse, he is the most relaxing of companions – giving little, expecting less. His failings are his greatest strengths. The chaotic appearance of our menfolk – an explosion of hair atop a heap of crumpled, grubby, mismatched clothes, either corduroy or denim depending on age and social class – is a style statement in itself.
  44.  The universities.
  45.  Perfect for creative people.
  46.  The quaint pubs dotted along every street.
  47.  It is such an inexpensive place to visit, once you have coughed up for airfares.
  48. No one does patriotism better than the British.
  49. Saachi gallery and all their unique finds.
  50. No one does Christmas better than the British, with or without snow!

One thought on “50 Things I Love About England

  1. Ok I loved every single thing on this list. I love England, love it and wish I could visit it more than anything in this world. My family think I’m strange and even believe that maybe in a past life I was from England, because the way I love that country is ridiculous lol


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